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The US is the overwhelming center of gravity for all things advertising—and it will remain that way, even though 2023 will see a slight share drop for the country across various metrics. By the end of next year, the US shares of total and digital ad spending will increase once again.

  • Numerous major markets will struggle this year, including the US. Although China is on the rebound, many of the world’s largest ad markets will mark all-time lows in digital ad spending growth this year. The US (7.8%), UK (4.9%), Germany (3.1%), Canada (6.0%), and Brazil (11.3%) are all in the worldwide top 10 for digital ad spending and will see their lowest growth since our tracking began in 2011.
  • Despite slow growth, the US will still produce a huge portion of all new spending. Digital ad spending in the US will increase by $19.11 billion this year, which will account for more than a third of all the new digital ad dollars in the world in 2023. If we include traditional, the US will produce about a quarter of all the new ad spending worldwide.
  • The US lead is safe. The US will account for 39.4% of total media ad spending worldwide this year and 43.8% of all digital ad spending. Both of those figures will be down almost a percentage point compared with 2022. But in the coming years, the US will reclaim that lost share and exceed it.

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