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IDAHO FALLS — Police say a theft suspect in Idaho Falls fell through the ceiling tiles of a local restaurant Tuesday evening while running from officers.

The Idaho Falls Police Department was looking for Jesse James Moore, 38, a suspect in two theft cases from earlier that day. The search was a rather unique one, allegedly involving children’s bicycles, stolen deli ham, and the suspect locking himself in a women’s bathroom in an attempt to escape into the ceiling of a Subway restaurant, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

The search began earlier Tuesday when a woman called officers

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It’s not just TikTokers who are questioning Subway Restaurants’ “Eat Fresh” slogan.

The giant sandwich chain — which lately has been getting mocked on social media for beef that looks like “cat food” — is now coming under attack by store operators who are demanding better-quality produce, The Post has learned.

According to franchisees, the restaurant chain that once drew a petition to stop making its bread from yoga mat material has been delivering food to most of its stores just once a week — resulting sometimes in soggy lettuce and flaccid cucumbers.

“It is

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About two dozen people have come down sick after eating at a Subway restaurant in Idaho. Public health officials say the pathogen is norovirus.

The Southwest District Health department reports “nearly 25” people have reported gastrointestinal illnesses since Friday, March 19. The outbreak investigation is ongoing.

Canyon County restaurant inspection reports are not available online for public viewing.

“The Subway involved is working cooperatively with SWDH following suspected presence of norovirus and instituted mitigation measures to halt the spread of the virus. Following the inspection by SWDH, it was determined that the facility was following all guidance and recommendations,” according

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