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English singer and television personality Cheryl Cole said she has ‘naturally’ started eating more plant-based food, regularly having meat-free days.

Cheryl was part of the 2000s pop band Girls Aloud and was a host on the UK’s X Factor.

“I eat [vegetarian] three, four days a week normally. I only really eat it if my body says it wants too. Otherwise, I just don’t fancy it,” she said to Marie Claire.

“It’s just a very natural thing that’s happened. It wasn’t even a conscious shift. I just felt like that.”

She added: “You

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“Bling Empire” star Kane Lim has been accused of Asian hate after appearing in an Instagram Story that mocked Yamashiro, an Asian fusion restaurant in Hollywood.

What happened: The Instagram Story, which was posted by Filipino American entrepreneur Rembrandt Flores, shows a group of Asian people dining at Tadaima, a new sushi restaurant located at 615 N. Western Avenue.

  • In the video, Flores asked the group if they were happy to be in Tadaima instead of Yamashiro, which sits less than 15 minutes away at 1999 N. Sycamore Ave. The group, which included Lim, instantly jeered in agreement,

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Rohit Roy is not the typical TikTok star. He doesn’t dance, or sing, or make memes about why millennials need to stop wearing skinny jeans. The 42-year-old financial planning assistant from Melbourne has found online fame for one thing: quitting soft drinks.

Roy has amassed almost a quarter of a million TikTok followers by sharing daily video updates that earnestly document his journey to kick a lifelong soft drink addiction. He’s now gone just over 365 days without a drop of the stuff, but every video still begins the same way: “Hello everyone, no fizzy drink for me today.”


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The West Ham star said he’s never had a pint but would give it a try if the Three Lions emerge victorious at the summer tournament

Declan Rice has promised to drink his first-ever beer if England win Euro 2020.

The West Ham star admitted he wasn’t a fan of the beverage but would make an exception were the Three Lions to bring home the trophy. 

Rice, 22, is likely to play a key role in England’s Euros campaign, which kicks off on Sunday against Croatia.

What was said?

“Do you know what, until this day I have

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WINTER PARK, Fla. – Guy Fieri, one of the biggest stars of the Food Network, is set to open a new restaurant in Winter Park.

A new location of Fieri’s Chicken Guy! is moving into the shell of the former Steak ‘n Shake that sat at 818 S. Orlando Ave.

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The location has been empty for more than a year after Steak ‘n Shake started a big contraction of its business in 2019, even prior to the pandemic hitting

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The chickpea has long held an important place in southern French cuisine

Over the last 12 months, seven tonnes of chickpeas have passed through Nadia Sammut’s kitchen in southern France. The protein-packed legume has been milled into flour and kneaded into bread, pulsed into milk and chilled as ice-cream, and even fermented into a miso-like paste. She has separated its skins to be used in muesli and played with the binding qualities of its reserved cooking water as an alternative to eggs in desserts such as chocolate mousse and sauces like mayonnaise.

“I like the taste, so I work the

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