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Italy is known for its top-tier gelato, so it’s no surprise the country wants to maintain that status. And to do so, it’s considering laws dedicated to the quality of the frozen treat. The proposal ties bad gelato-making practices to fines and even suggests banning ingredients like artificial flavors and colors.

According to The Telegraph, the proposal aims to rid the country of “cheapskate vendors posing as gelato artisans, who have been known to sell tubs which contain more air than ice cream.” Vendors who add extra air to the dessert, instead of vigorously mixing it, to give it

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On March 31, the Boston City Council passed a law that will allow home cooks to make and sell food from their own residential kitchens. The law goes into effect at the end of April.

Before you start firing up the oven and making lasagna in bulk, here’s what you should know: The law covers “cottage foods,” which are non-temperature controlled goods that don’t easily spoil — items like tortillas, granola, and dried pasta. Homemade yogurt? Sushi? Don’t even think about it.

According to WBUR, councilor Julia Mejia, who sponsored the measure, said that “This ordinance is not for

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“We appreciate your attention to your obligation to consider potential chemical hazards, including toxic elements, when conducting a hazard analysis,” wrote Susan Mayne, director of the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, and Dr. Janet Woodcock, the FDA’s acting commissioner of food and drugs, in a letter addressed to all baby and toddler food manufacturers and processors.

“This represents a welcome change at FDA,” Krishnamoorthi said. “However, we are disappointed that FDA failed to commit to establishing concrete rules to remove toxic heavy metals from all baby foods. It highlights the need for Congress to pass legislation with … Read More

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McDonald’s (MCD) latest non-edible creation is a hoodie, timed to coincide with the launch of its new crispy chicken sandwiches. Dunkin’ (DNKN) launched a wedding “kit” of matrimonial products, and Chipotle (CMG) has tapped the universe of TikTok stars for its newest T-shirt launch.

While fast food chains regularly sell clothing and experiences to create buzz, there’s a reason they’re ramping up the effort during the pandemic, said Andrew Charles, restaurant sector analyst with Cowen.

Charles said clothing featuring your favorite products is a good, low-cost way for restaurants to keep your favorite restaurant … Read More

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