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A report on the inner workings of BLT Prime, the steakhouse inside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., has revealed the extensive serving procedure for former president Donald Trump’s Diet Cokes — as well as several other demanding tendencies of Trump’s inner circle.

The report was published by Washingtonian magazine, which obtained a “Standard Operating Procedure” document used by former BLT Prime staffers.

According to the document, servers had to follow a series of steps every time Trump ordered a Diet Coke. These included presenting him with a bottle of hand sanitizer, asking Trump if he wanted the soda

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A restaurant in Florida went viral after sharing a photo of their sign that reads “FACE DIAPERS NOT REQUIRED! EVERYONE WELCOME.”

Beckyjack’s Food Shack in Hernando County, Florida, posted the picture on Facebook for Valentine’s Day with the caption “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and a heart emoji. “A friendly reminder that we DO NOT require Face Masks.”

In an interview with TODAY Food, owner Jesse Fox said they had initially posted the sign because they were getting a lot of people coming in who were “surprised we weren’t wearing masks.”

“So I was just trying to be proactive,” Fox said. “Everyone

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A Florida restaurant is getting some heat — and praise — for telling its patrons that “face diapers” aren’t required to dine there.

Beckyjack’s Food Shack, in Spring Hill, Hernando County, posted a photo to Facebook Sunday of the sign taped to its window.

“Face diapers not required,” it said. “Everyone welcome.” 

“Howdy Folks! Happy Valentine’s Day,” said the caption on the post. “A friendly reminder that we DO NOT require Face Masks.”

Since then, the posting has racked up about 1,700 reactions, 2,000 comments and 373 shares.

Owner Jesse Fox told WFLA he simply wanted to inform customers and

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