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It’s safe to say that as the years go on, things will change, even at Walt Disney World.

From ticket prices to reimagining rides, the theme parks are constantly evolving and changing. But there is one element of Walt Disney World that has changed drastically since opening in 1971 — the drink prices!

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Credit: Inside the Magic Kelly C.

Nowadays, if you are looking for a cocktail, it’s going to cost you about $10-$15 depending on what type of liquor and what type of drink you are looking for.

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Food prices across Lebanon are soaring as the country goes through its worst economic crisis in decades.

Many Muslim families in Lebanon are struggling to afford iftar, the evening meal which breaks the daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan, as food prices soar amid the country’s worst economic crisis in decades.

“Prices are insane and they have gone up even more during Ramadan … a plate of salad will cost six times more this year,” Beirut resident Um Ahmed told Al Jazeera.

“What do we do? Do we beg? We are not used to begging.”

Al Jazeera’s Zeina

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There are signs that the food inflation that’s gripped the world over the past year, raising prices of everything from shredded cheese to peanut butter, is about to get worse.

The covid-19 pandemic upended food supply chains, paralyzing shipping, sickening workers that keep the world fed and ultimately raising consumer grocery costs around the globe last year. Now farmers — especially ones raising cattle, hogs and poultry — are getting squeezed by the highest corn and soybean prices in seven years. It’s lifted the costs of feeding their herds by 30% or more. To stay profitable, producers including Tyson Foods

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The Guardian

Hedge fund reaches $630m deal to buy remaining Tribune Publishing newspapers

Journalist lament the sale to Alden Global Capital, who will now own the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News and others The Chicago Tribune, as well as other newspapers in the Tribune Publishing company, will be sold to hedge fund Alden Global Capital. Photograph: Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images The Chicago Tribune, the New York Daily News, and other newspapers across the US are set to be sold to a hedge fund notorious for cutting newsrooms, in the latest blow to American journalism. Alden Global Capital already had a

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