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The nation’s largest sandwich chain is said to be pressing down on the folks who make its bread and butter. Subway’s been facing some struggles recently… and after franchise owners wrote an open letter asking the corporate team for support, the company responded by updating some policies in ways that, according to a new report, might seem like more of a breadknife in the back.

Subway’s seen a lot of drama this year. The recent launch of their Fresh Melts resulted in damage to some Subway store owners’ equipment, and some Subway operators recently stated that the chain uses overly

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It’s not just TikTokers who are questioning Subway Restaurants’ “Eat Fresh” slogan.

The giant sandwich chain — which lately has been getting mocked on social media for beef that looks like “cat food” — is now coming under attack by store operators who are demanding better-quality produce, The Post has learned.

According to franchisees, the restaurant chain that once drew a petition to stop making its bread from yoga mat material has been delivering food to most of its stores just once a week — resulting sometimes in soggy lettuce and flaccid cucumbers.

“It is

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