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(CNN) — As anyone who’s visited Thailand knows, food is a key part of the experience.

Whether you’re street side in Chiang Mai slurping back a bowl of khao soi noodles or enjoying a Michelin-starred Thai meal in a high-end Bangkok restaurant, the memories of those powerful, balanced flavors stay with you long after you’ve left the country.

Vilailuck “Pepper” Teigen knows this all too well. Mother of model, TV personality and entrepreneur Chrissy Teigen, Pepper emigrated to Utah from Thailand’s northeast Isaan region in the early 1980s.

For years, she says she tried to replicate the flavors of home,

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eople have many unlikely sources of cooking inspiration, including movies, TV and books. Then there’s jury duty.

In response to a recent query about what inspires cooking, one reader recounted her experience on a jury, during which a witness testified as part of her recollection of a particular evening, that she had shouted up the stairs to her husband, “Come get your pork chop!” It took all her willpower to stay focused for the rest of the testimony, she said, and, “You better believe we had pork chops for dinner that night at my house.”

The recipe for pork

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A Northern Virginia family that put a food collection box outside their home at the start of the coronavirus pandemic has now collected around 30,000 pounds of food and started a program that puts pop-up, free food pantries in local neighborhoods.

Amber and Sterling Marchand and their four children, ages 9, 7, 5 and 3, put the box outside their home last June after reading about the increased demand for food for people in need and the decreased supply, both due to the pandemic.

The box filled up so quickly with non-perishable foods donated by neighbors and friends, that the

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PLANT CITY, Fla. – A Plant City family is teaching their community about the importance of food security with Aquaponic systems. 

What You Need To Know

  • Plant City family teaching community about food security
  • Gonyon family grows food organically on their farm
  • They are helping other learn about aquaponic systems

“I’ve traveled to 72 different countries doing missionary work,” Pastor Eric Gonyon said. “When I was in Haiti, I saw 4,000 orphans being fed on one of these aquaponic systems.” 

So, Pastor Gonyon brought what he learned in Haiti back to Florida and now builds these food resources for his

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Video from Buckeye, Ariz., shows a man in his truck yelling at a family in line for a food drive to “get a f—king job.”

The video, obtained and reported by local CBS News affiliate Arizona’s Family, shows a man in a white truck yelling at the family while they waited in their car on Thursday for food offered by a local church’s food drive. 

The family, which asked the outlet to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, says the man accused them of not needing the free food and yelled at them in front of their four

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