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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Francisco Loor said South Fin Grill is at Stage 1 of reopening on the boardwalk for its 15th season. Gradually the South Beach eatery gets back into the flow after a year of closure due to COVID-19.

Now on the menu are freshly ground sirloin burgers, a five-part spring salad tossed with roasted golden beets and goat cheese plus an appetizer of grilled California artichokes with aioli dipping sauce.

Roasted yellow beets with candied walnuts and greens in the house salad (Courtesy of Francisco Loor)

Loor said happy hour will return in about a week.


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With things finally starting to get back to normal after one hell of a year and a bit, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is keen to welcome tourists and locals alike back in to London for his latest campaign, London Eats.

The London Eats campaign celebrates the very best culinary delights central London has to offer – from cheap street food eats to fine dining, and food markets to drinks festivals – there’s something for everyone; especially those with a healthy appetite.

“We’ve been working with some of our favourite chefs and hospitality venues, who are uniting to promote the

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Historic restaurants are landmarks of a very New Orleans type, repositories of personal traditions, shared memories and long relationships entwined with a cuisine that is particular to this peculiar place.

They may be sprawling monuments of Old World elegance or ramshackle joints set deep in their neighborhoods, but they are found nowhere else but New Orleans, and New Orleans needs them all. 

Through the pandemic they’ve inked the latest chapter in their long histories, and the people who value these places are writing those chapters alongside them.

The forced separation of the pandemic made a lot of us think about

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My first introduction to processed food began as a child in rural Canada, where we grew 90% of what we ate on our seven-acre homestead. After a carefree summer of catching fireflies and frogs and plucking sugar snaps from the vine, late August marked the start of winter preparation.

In the stifling humidity of an Ontario summer, perched on vinyl 1970s kitchen furniture, we topped and tailed, shucked and shelled, and boiled and blanched – processing all of our home grown produce so that it would feed us through the long, cold winter.

Yet, processed food these days has a

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The pandemic’s impact was sudden and crushing for the hospitality business. The impulse to uplift proved just as swift.

New Orleans people created new systems of support and built new partnerships across the region. People in leadership roles advocated for entire communities imperiled by the crisis. Restaurant people made sure others had meals every day, even when the future of their businesses wavered day to day.

These are stories that represent this year’s winners of the Ella Brennan “Stand Up for Your Hometown” Awards. The awards are a variation on an annual honor created by the New Orleans Wine &

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PARCHMENT, MI — Have you been wondering where you can get some delicious Southern cooking in the Kalamazoo area?

Look no further than Parchment, where Josie’s Southern Comfort Food will have you leaving their restaurant with a happy belly and smile on your face.

Whether its the Southern rib tips, some delicious baked mac n’ cheese or, for those with a sweet tooth, some of their caramel cake made from scratch, the homestyle recipes at the new restaurant will not disappoint.

Restaurant owner Denise Hensley has been cooking all her life.

Hensley learned how to cook from her mother, Josephine

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