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CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – A man was arrested last week after he was caught on surveillance video slipping something into a woman’s drink at a bar in Clay County, authorities said.

Robert Welch, 48, of Green Cove Springs, is charged with tampering with a consumer product.

The Boogerville Hideout Bar owners, who are outraged over this, told News4Jax their security camera recorded the incident in an outdoor patio area.

According to detectives, the woman knew Welch and was sharing a table with him. She told detectives she came back to the table after walking her dog and realized her bottle

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Coming to store shelf near you this summer: A new drink that was brainchild of three Yale University students.

New Haven will be one of two cities in the country — San Antonio, Texas is the other — where Seltz will make its debut, according to the three founders of the brand.

The drink is a hybrid, part seltzer, part energy drink and is targeting a younger demographic that is looking for a more healthful alternative in the beverage world.

Using a roomate’s SodaStream home carbonation machine, the trio — Brandon Peterson, Gannon Connor and Maxim Yazarov — began experimenting

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Credit: ITM (left) Tuck Beck via Twitter

Going to theme parks, Guests often want to experience something special and unique to the theme park they are visiting.

Universal has many of these experiences for its Guests, one of them is perfect for any fans of the classic shark thriller movie, Jaws.

Credit: Universal

Universal Orlando Resort offers many individual experiences to their Guests, but some are more well known than others. There is one specific drink that will give classic Universal movie buffs, and Jaws fans a surprisingly terrifying and yet highly satisfying experience, including a performance by the

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We didn’t even know for certain that Peeps would be returning to shelves for Easter this year until last month. Luckily, they are, because that means we also get other festive treats — like the new Pepsi x Peeps drink. No, this isn’t an April Fools’ Day joke. Yes, this is real.

a pile of fruit: Pepsi and Peeps have come together to create a beverage that combines the crisp taste of cola with the sweet flavor of Peeps Marshmallow. It's the Easter drink we didn't know we needed.

© Pepsi
Pepsi and Peeps have come together to create a beverage that combines the crisp taste of cola with the sweet flavor of Peeps Marshmallow. It’s the Easter drink we didn’t know we needed.

Peeps, 30 ct

© amazon.com
Peeps, 30 ct


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The two iconic brands have

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“Unprecedented combination” of chocolate mint and carbonic acid surprises us with its flavour.

While choc-mint products have been dividing opinion overseas for years, the flavour combination only recently arrived in Japan, and ever since it appeared it’s been skyrocketing in popularity.

The choc-mint boom still shows no signs of stopping, and after splashing its minty green hues all over taiyaki cakes, Pocky sticks, and even tapioca ramen, there’s now been another unprecedented development for the flavour combo, with the introduction of a new drink called Kiss Choco Mint.

Created by Cheerio, a Japanese drinks company that loves to walk

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Those who exercise regularly have likely seen plenty of claims about how drinking electrolyte-enhanced water is much better than water alone but is that just marketing hype? A recent study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition says: Believe it.

Electrolytes are minerals that include sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride, and they play an important role in helping the body absorb water and maintain muscle health. (Related: The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now).

To determine how important they truly are, researchers looked at 10 men who ran on a downhill treadmill in a heated room

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