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National Donut Day (June 4!) is here again, and if you know like I know, this is one of the best days of the season. Whether you like your donuts plain, dipped in glaze, or stuffed with creme, today is the day for you. OK, not really because you can do that any time you’d like, but when it’s National Donut Day, it just feels so much better, right?

At any rate, the one thing that I love most about National Donut Day (or any National Day, really) is that there are always free or discounted treats to be had.

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ELLINGTON, CT (WFSB) – Violently sick after eating donuts. It happened to some customers after visiting Gerry’s Donuts in Ellington over Mother’s Day weekend.

Now, the North Central District Health District is investigating the cause of the illness.

The North Central District Health Department is putting out a warning for consumers not to eat food purchased from Gerry’s Donuts in Ellington.

Channel 3 has received multiple calls and emails from customers saying this happened to them.

Meanwhile, Gerry’s Donuts says nothing like this has ever happened in the 30 years its been in business.

“I know a lot

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ELLINGTON, CT (WFSB) – The North Central District Health Department is putting out a warning for consumers not to eat food purchased from Gerry’s Donuts in Ellington.

The warning was issued after the health department received several reports of gastrointestinal illness from people who recently consumed donuts and other products from the business.

Symptoms reported included vomiting and diarrhea.

Gerry’s Donuts is closed while the health department investigates the cause of the illness.

The health department advised anyone who purchased products from Gerry’s Donuts, should discard them immediately.

Anyone experiencing illness should contact their healthcare provider.

Gerry’s Donuts posted a

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Those are just some of the tantalizing and tasty offers that made headlines this week in the fast food world. Companies in that crowded space operate on razor-thin profit margins, so they are constantly trying to gain an edge over its competitors, often with perks like free food or other giveaways.

Americans have lost their minds over the Popeyes’ fried chicken sandwich for the past two years. Soon, our friends in the United Kingdom can experience the clucking craze.

The chain unveiled plans to open its first UK restaurant later this year, following successful launches in Spain and Switzerland, as
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There probably is an actual reason that free food happens to taste better than food you have to pay for and to test out that theory you should head over to your local Krispy Kreme this week. The donut shop is offering a BOGO deal that will get you a dozen original glazed donuts for FREE with the purchase of one dozen original glazed donuts. And there’s absolutely no catch.

From now through March 7, participating Krispy Kreme locations across the United States will be blessing fans with this buy one, get one deal. With promotions like this, it’s always

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Courtesy HITIDES Coffee

Check it out: HITIDES Coffee in the Crossroads

Among the finest things in life (and probably in this order): ice cream, coffee, doughnuts, and bagels. And in what can only be described as a win for all of us, all of these things can now be found in breezy, tiki-inspired environment in the East Crossroads. With the opening of HITIDES Coffee, which became official late last week, the retail space inside of Collective Ex (519 East 18th Street) officially has welcomed its second coffee shop (Thou Mayest vacated the space and transitioned to a roasting-only operation

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