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It’s not just TikTokers who are questioning Subway Restaurants’ “Eat Fresh” slogan.

The giant sandwich chain — which lately has been getting mocked on social media for beef that looks like “cat food” — is now coming under attack by store operators who are demanding better-quality produce, The Post has learned.

According to franchisees, the restaurant chain that once drew a petition to stop making its bread from yoga mat material has been delivering food to most of its stores just once a week — resulting sometimes in soggy lettuce and flaccid cucumbers.

“It is

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The Post and Courier Food section since August has been checking in weekly with four downtown Charleston restaurants coping with the coronavirus pandemic and recovering from restrictions designed to contain it. The following three restaurants are still finding their way back to normalcy. For previous installments of the series, as well as more information about the featured restaurants and their chosen strategies for success, click here.

Butcher & Bee: Crossing the bridge

Butcher & Bee has just about passed the test.

While the restaurant hasn’t dropped its weekly COVID-19 testing requirement for employees, it’s starting to phase out the program

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OAKLEY — The young mother stood on the porch in the dark, devouring frozen burritos from a cooler that had been placed outside.

“She had not eaten in three days,” said Heather Ochoa, who had left the burritos on her porch for anyone who was hungry. The coronavirus pandemic was in its early stages back then and Ochoa already had noticed the need for food was growing.

So she began laying out food from her pantry and extra groceries to help feed hungry mouths.

“What would she do if I wasn’t there?” Ochoa said about the woman on the porch.

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