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Lee County told the owners of a food truck on Pine Island they needed to close down, and community members are unhappy about it.

People lined up Wednesday to get one last taste of authentic Mexican food at El Viejon Taco food truck on Pine Island.

The owners of El Viejon Taco told us zoning for Pine Island Road does not permit food trucks.

With tears in her eyes, co-owner Cahroy Garcia said all she wants is to continue serving her community and doesn’t understand why she was allowed to operate the last four months.


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POUGHKEEPSIE – The City of Poughkeepsie’s well-known community volunteer, Frankie Flowers was hard at work again on Friday, helping those in need.  Flowers, the son of the late John Flowers, a community legend, and brother of Councilwoman Yvonne Flowers, joined with Dutchess Outreach to provide food to anyone in need on Friday in Poughkeepsie.


Joined by one of his countless volunteer assistants, Flowers parked his box truck in the parking lot at the corner of North Hamilton and Mill Streets at lunchtime to giveaway groceries including eggs, milk, vegetables, and other staples.  There were enough bags of food for 100

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Shavonn “Nanny” Smith says she cried all day after seeing Wednesday that —  in a situation that might have racial implications — an arsonist had destroyed the advertising banner outside the struggling soul food restaurant she owns in East Topeka.

Smith, who is Black, recalled that an earlier banner outside her small restaurant, Nanny’s Soul Food, had been incinerated the same way.

“I was broken,” she said.

But her fellow Topekans subsequently “came and lifted me up,” Smith said Friday.

“The community has been amazing,” she said. “They’ve been very uplifting, so I am very thankful and truly blessed

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Mateo Mackbee and his girlfriend Erin Lucas opened a New Orleans style restaurant in St. Joseph four days after the death of George Floyd.

ST JOSEPH, Minn. — St. Joseph is a town of towering steeples and 6,500, mostly, white people.

Mateo Mackbee is a notable exception.

“This is the barbequed shrimp,” Mateo says as he works the grill at Krewe, the New Orleans style restaurant he opened last May with his girlfriend Erin Lucas.

“Our mission is to make this be successful,” Mateo says. “Black entrepreneur in an absolutely almost all white rural town.”

Mateo came of age as

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Pizza Chef Jonathan Elsner makes a confit potato pizza in their wood-fired oven at The Grange Community Kitchen in Hamburg.

Potatoes on pizza sounds rather daft until the confit fingerling pizza ($17) arrives. Poaching taters in fat makes them dense, and they soak up flavors. So when they’re sliced thin and strewn across chile cream with fat petals of roasted onions and smoked caciocovallo cheese, then fired in an 800-degree oven, potatoes gain quite a bit of character. Applications of rosemary salt and pecorino Romano add aroma and umami saltiness, leading to my unequivocal endorsement

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The New York Times is abandoning ship on its Cooking Community Facebook Group and handing it over to volunteer moderators.

The newspaper announced on Tuesday that its branding would be removed from the private group once it chose 10 to 20 moderators to take over the task of managing the group’s over 77,000 members. While the Times has said the decision came down to practical concerns about staffing, the group has also been riddled with controversies and debates involving class, race, and privilege.

“One thing is clear: The interest in this group is about much more than recipes or The

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