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In Harrisburg, when you think of the Fourth of July, you think of more than just fireworks.

The Fourth also means food trucks.

And if you have a hankering for anything from barbecue to deep-fried Oreo’s to crab cakes, one of the 30-plus food trucks should have something to satisfy that craving.

The July 4th Food Trucks & Fireworks festival is set for 3 to 9 p.m. Sunday at Riverfront Park. Fireworks start at 9:15 p.m.

The event was scaled down last year due to the pandemic, but it’s back in full swing with live music, activities, fireworks and, of

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On the chapa, we cooked salmon dusted with Scott’s rib rub on an uncovered foil sling, set fat dollops of honey butter on top of it, and watched smoke reach over the top of the griddle to flavor the fish.

We also riffed on Scott’s grilled vegetable salad, grilling carrots, sweet potatoes, and a few other veggies which had been given a coating of rib rub.

Then we ate exceedingly well. The surprise star of the day was Scott’s apple hand pies, where a pre-baked filling of apple chunks, lemon juice, dark brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and salt is nestled

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A famous online food reviewer with millions of followers on YouTube has moved to Dallas to cover its booming restaurant scene.

Mike Chen is the host of Strictly Dumpling, a YouTube channel that has amassed 3.7 million subscribers since it launched in 2013. A companion channel, called MikeyChen, has 1.34 million subscribers.

Since his relocation to North Texas in early March, he’s already posted raves about our ramen, Vietnamese food, and sushi.

But uh-oh: He was unimpressed with the city’s No. 1 most recommended BBQ spot.

Chen follows a tradition of guys —

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GILBERT, AZ — A Valley couple has survived after a food truck they were working in exploded Thursday night in Gilbert.

Robert and Amber Everson are recovering in a burn unit after their Bama BBQ 4 Ever food truck exploded.

The Phoenix-based catering company was doing a neighborhood event Thursday night at the Adora Trails Park when Everson was finishing up before being nearly blown out of his truck.

Everson said it is unclear what exactly happened, but he recalls turning the top of a gas tank, “it blew me out of the truck, and I was engulfed my whole

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How Candace Parker looks at the things that come out of Shaq’s mouth on a regular basis.

How Candace Parker looks at the things that come out of Shaq’s mouth on a regular basis.
Image: Getty Images

Candace Parker making Shaquille O’Neal look like an idiot on national television is now a regular occurrence. It’s becoming a must-see event on Tuesday nights.

Yesterday’s TNT postgame was no different. Parker made O’Neal put some respect on her name after Shaq tried to get cute.

“You were defensive player of the year?” Shaq asked Parker.

“Take the surprise out your voice, Shaq,” she responded.

It will be an all-time quotable from Parker.

The conversation had centered around

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Some lack running water. Some don’t have enough food. Many face pricey home repairs to fix broken pipes and water damage.

For those on fixed incomes, or already struggling to make ends meet, these challenges are devastating. But this week in Houston, one group provided its unique brand of support: free, hot BBQ meals.

“It’s comfort food,” said Stan Hays, co-founder of Operation BBQ Relief, a disaster response nonprofit. “It’s a hot meal that makes you feel good…I just think BBQ is built for that.”

Hays, a 2017 CNN Hero and competitive BBQ pitmaster, helped start the group to … Read More

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