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Some Americans do not have enough food to eat.

They receive free food from aid organizations, or assistance from the government so they can buy food themselves. Many towns and cities have food pantries, centers where people can get free food.

However, hungry Americans who also have food allergies often find themselves with either limited or costly food choices.

Common allergies include foods that contain milk or eggs, some kinds of nuts, and flour made from some grains, such as wheat. People with celiac disease, for example, cannot digest gluten, a protein that comes from some grains. The protein causes

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The response: “You got something.”

The only things her daughter could eat were potatoes and salsa.

“It took, really, all of my strength to make it to the car,” she said. “I cried in the car and then I just thought to myself, ’We cannot be the only family, I cannot be the only mother, struggling with this.”

For the

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Americans are returning to restaurants, bars and other dining places as Covid-19 restrictions come down, adding new strains in food supply chains.

Suppliers and logistics providers say distributors are facing shortages of everyday products like chicken parts, as well as difficulty in finding workers and surging transportation costs as companies effectively try to reverse the big changes in food services that came as coronavirus lockdowns spread across the U.S. last year.

“Over the last six weeks, we have seen the market come roaring back faster than anybody would have anticipated,” said

Mark Allen,

chief executive of the International Foodservice Distributors

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On Wednesday, dining rooms in New York City will be allowed to fill every seat for the first time since last March. This is big, in theory. In reality, we will probably keep seeing six-foot spaces between tables and plexiglass partitions for as long as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keeps recommending them.

But if you’re curious about what restaurants are and what makes them click, it’s been illuminating to watch them come back one piece at a time. In the past couple of weeks it’s been possible to see that a half-empty dining room, if it

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One of the most challenging elements of social science research is that researchers must often rely on data that comes from humans — and humans are notoriously unreliable. When the CDC published a report in the summer of 2020 stating that 4% of respondents reported ingesting household chemicals in an attempt to ward off the coronavirus, many people were (understandably) alarmed. Researchers who replicated the study, with the addition of some basic quality control measures to eliminate inaccurate data, got very different results. In this piece, the author discusses how inattentive or mischievous respondents can accidentally or intentionally skew data,

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As air travel continues to rebound, airlines are slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels of service.

The latest update comes from Fort Worth-based American Airlines, which is bringing back its beverage and buy-on-board snack program this summer.

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It all starts on May 1, when the full complimentary beverage service resumes in

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