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PB&J Smoothie Bowl In 5 Minutes: Cooking With Courtney

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I don’t think I can ever be too old for a PB&J.

Salty, velvety peanut butter with gooey, sticky-sweet fruit jelly… It brings me right back to my elementary school lunch table, where I spent countless afternoons hunched over a styrofoam lunch tray, carefully unwrapping a Smucker’s Uncrustable sandwich.

I get a little taste of that nostalgia every time I make this PB&J smoothie! It’s so delicious that you wouldn’t even know it was nutritious.

I’ve been making these smoothies since college, and boy are they good. It’s super creamy thanks to the addition of a banana, and it has just the perfect balance of sweet strawberries and nutty peanut butter. Not too peanut-y, not overwhelmingly sweet. Just right.

It’s great for kids or busy mornings, since you can make it in advance. It also makes for a satisfying midday or post-workout snack.

Also… Pink food is just fun?!?!

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Perhaps best of all, you can customize it to whatever you need that day. Some extra vitamins? Add a handful of spinach, kale or blueberries. Hungry? Throw some chia seeds in the mix. Dairy-free? Use your favorite non-dairy milk or water. You could even add yogurt, honey, cinnamon or whatever your heart desires.

While this is delicious on its own as a smoothie, I really love to turn it into a smoothie bowl! More tips on that here, on my blog.

You can use frozen strawberries year-round, but it’s an extra special treat when strawberries are fresh and in season! I buy strawberries by the bagful from my farmers market in the summer, and I can’t wait for that day to come again soon. It’s been a chillier start to the spring, or so I’m told by my favorite strawberry farmer, and strawberry season is lagging a bit this year.

Get the full recipe, including ingredients, instructions, tips and more photos, at feedthesoulblog.com.

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