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Cooking with cannabis brings weed to new heights

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It seemed a couple of years ago that everywhere she looked, cookbook author Tracey Medeiros was reading about the health benefits of the plant known by many as marijuana.

“I was frequently coming across articles discussing the wellness properties of cannabis, and I thought, ‘Why not write a cookbook that would showcase cannabis and all the wonders of it?’” said Medeiros, whose previous books include “The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook,” “Dishing Up Vermont” and “The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook.” “I thought, ‘This is something that needs to be written and I need to educate myself in this area, because this is how the food industry is evolving.’”

Medeiros’ education led to her newest book, “The Art of Cooking with Cannabis,” due May 25 from Skyhorse Publishing, a division of Simon & Schuster. The Essex Junction author has compiled 125 recipes broken down by geographic region of the United States and by derivatives of the cannabis plant, including CBD and its psychoactive relative, THC.

Subscribers can read here to learn more about Vermont food makers aiming to take cooking with cannabis to the next level.

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