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The New York Times

Cruz and Cuomo Face Scandal. Trump Can’t Save Them.

Even by Washington standards, this has been a particularly shameless week. With millions of Texans freezing in their homes, Sen. Ted Cruz fled to a Mexican beach, offering his constituents little more than the political cliché of wanting to be a “good dad.” (Apparently, flying your daughters to Cancún is just like carpooling — if your minivan were the Ritz-Carlton resort.) Sign up for The Morning newsletter from the New York Times Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas blamed the complete meltdown of state infrastructure not on a

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Now you can get Donkey Sauce, cheesesteak egg rolls and other Flavortown favorites of Food Network star Guy Fieri delivered to your door. The popular TV chef has launched Guy Fieri Flavortown Kitchen, a “delivery-only virtual restaurant.” There’s no middle ground when it comes to Fieri’s food. People either love or hate Fieri and his mishmash of comfort-fast-food-diner fare. Let the hate mail and the lovefest for Fieri begin.

Food Network star Guy Fieri launches a “delivery-only virtual restaurant,” or what is known in the industry as a ghost kitchen. Now you can get his Donkey Sauce and other
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Many restaurants have had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while others are operating in different ways. One local eatery, however, is getting out of town.Jim Cafarelli has been in the restaurant business for much of his life and is the owner of The Studio Kitchen.A cooking show recorded inside The Studio Kitchen won local Emmy awards and helped the Kingston restaurant’s bottom line.But when the pandemic hit, both the restaurant and television show went dark.”COVID is, in my opinion, like the final nail in the coffin,” Cafarelli said.Cafarelli and his son are now crowdsourcing funding to take his … Read More

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A report on the inner workings of BLT Prime, the steakhouse inside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., has revealed the extensive serving procedure for former president Donald Trump’s Diet Cokes — as well as several other demanding tendencies of Trump’s inner circle.

The report was published by Washingtonian magazine, which obtained a “Standard Operating Procedure” document used by former BLT Prime staffers.

According to the document, servers had to follow a series of steps every time Trump ordered a Diet Coke. These included presenting him with a bottle of hand sanitizer, asking Trump if he wanted the soda

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The crowds that normally pack Frankie & Johnny’s Restaurant for po-boys and beer between parades were missing this Carnival season. The winter holidays, usually a busy time for low-key gatherings at this vintage Uptown joint, were subdued too.

But there’s still crawfish season, and that means Frankie & Johnny’s proprietor David McCelvey has hope.

“We can’t do normal business but we can still do this,” McCelvey said from the boil room one cold day last week, with steam gushing through the screened windows. “New Orleans people are going to be getting their crawfish, somehow, some way.”

The start of Lent

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Apps like


DASH -7.69%

and Uber Eats have provided restaurants a flood of customers in the pandemic. Now a host of food-ordering tools, along with some restaurants, are finding ways around those apps and the commissions they charge.

A new crop of services is promising online ordering at a lower cost to eateries, by letting the restaurants arrange more deliveries themselves. 

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.,

CMG -2.21%

Shake Shack Inc.

and a growing number of chains have acknowledged the cost of app-based delivery orders, and many say they intend to address it. Local governments from New York to

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