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When hunger strikes at home, the average American opens the fridge, pulls out some leftovers and nukes them in the microwave. This’ll do the trick to end your cravings, but if you’re thinking that food has the same nutritional value as it did the first time around, you could be wrong.

That’s because certain foods don’t retain their nutritional value when heated a second time.

According to board-certified nutritionist Serena Poon, “The more you reheat and refrigerate your food, the more chances you have for bacteria growth and nutrient, flavor and texture loss.” Though many foods many initially lose some

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ELLINGTON, CT (WFSB) – The North Central District Health Department is putting out a warning for consumers not to eat food purchased from Gerry’s Donuts in Ellington.

The warning was issued after the health department received several reports of gastrointestinal illness from people who recently consumed donuts and other products from the business.

Symptoms reported included vomiting and diarrhea.

Gerry’s Donuts is closed while the health department investigates the cause of the illness.

The health department advised anyone who purchased products from Gerry’s Donuts, should discard them immediately.

Anyone experiencing illness should contact their healthcare provider.

Gerry’s Donuts posted a

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You pull an item out of the refrigerator, freezer or pantry and see it’s past the date on the package.

“Should I eat this or not?”

“Those dates are there for a reason,” said Martin Bucknavage, senior food safety extension associate for Penn State University in the college of agriculture at University Park. “They are set by the manufacturer for the best time to consume the product. It will be the best quality by that date.”

The manufacturer is giving the safest date, he said.

With that thought in mind, it is best to toss the product? That is what

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Different foods offer different nutrient benefits for overall health. And even packaged foods can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet.

“The food industry works diligently to deliver a consumer marketplace full of healthy, accessible, nutrient-dense food and beverage choices,” said Krystal Register, registered dietition and director of health and well-being at FMI — The Food Industry Association, in a statement to CNN.

Lustig, a professor emeritus at the University of California San Francisco who is dedicated to treating and preventing childhood obesity and diabetes, is also the bestselling author of “Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed

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Ever had a craving for fast food, but realised at the cash register that you didn’t have the money to buy it? Whether you forgot your wallet or were simply low on funds that day, you probably had to walk away empty handed.

For one young man in Utah, however, “no” was not an option. He instead offered to work for his meal at a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant.

Footage of the teen, named Cody Rieffer, was uploaded to TikTok by his friend, Nick Eldredge, on his account @nickeldr.

In the light-hearted clip Rieffer, who is wearing a khaki-colored T-shirt and

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A new grocery store opened Tuesday at the Shoppes on Peoria, the result of a long project to get better and fresher food into Tulsa’s food desert.

The store, north of downtown Tulsa, celebrated their soft opening Tuesday, but many people aren’t waiting for the grand opening next week – they’ve been waiting too long to get a nearby grocery store.

The new grocery store helps eliminate a food desert for the neighborhood around Pine and Peoria. Though another grocery store is one mile east, the new Oasis Fresh Market is the first full-service grocery store for the area since

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