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Try not to get into an argument with Justin Sutherland. You won’t win.

The former high school speech and debate champ knows how to work any angle of a conflict until he’s the one in control. Take, for example, the time his dad wanted the garage painted and offered Sutherland $100 for the job. When his dad came home, he found Justin’s brother, Jared, with the paintbrush. Justin had offered Jared $50 to complete the chore, and kept the other half as commission.

“My dad lost his mind. ‘I hired you to paint the garage!’ ” Justin recalled. “I was

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From washing raw chicken to throwing out bread that’s stale, there’s a lot of terrible cooking advice out there. Spanning the downright dangerous to the simply unhelpful, these are the cooking tips you should always ignore.

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If you’re using garlic, don’t ignore the recipe: if it calls for ground garlic, grind it; if it needs to be chopped, chop it. It’s important to follow instructions as the intensity and

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Make soft idli without stand.


  • Want to make idli but don’t have idli maker?
  • With this recipe, you can make idli easily without special stand.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

South Indian idli makes for an excellent snack or small meal. Making idli is quite easy but sambhar may take time. So if you want to make a quick idli meal, try this idli and peanut chutney combo. This recipe will teach you how to make soft and spongy idli without needing idli maker or special idli stand, and a tasty chutney made with peanuts

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HOUSTON – John Mercer of Gettin’ Sauced Cookers said he was hard at work BBQing to help feed thousands when his trailer caught fire.

“We were heating the pit up and the torch caught fire. The next thing you know all hell broke loose,” said Mercer.

By the time the fire was put out, although the pit was able to be saved, the trailer was pretty much a total loss. Mercer said the fire is a major setback.

“I could probably pull 3,000 or 4,000 more meals off of it, at one time, so that’s a big hit for us,”

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RICHMOND, Va. — Philadelphia native turned Richmonder Tyenella Hall says being in the kitchen, whipping up some of her Nana’s handwritten recipes lifts her spirits like nothing else can.

“Cooking saved my life, period,” said Hall, an Army veteran and licensed nurse who found herself suffering with PTSD after a tragic loss.

Hall, who never shies away from her truth, said cooking was the one thing that helped.

“With my PTSD, cooking gave me a regimen that allowed me to step outside of being stuck inside of a bubble with medication,” Hall said. explained. “So as a result of cooking,

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Some lack running water. Some don’t have enough food. Many face pricey home repairs to fix broken pipes and water damage.

For those on fixed incomes, or already struggling to make ends meet, these challenges are devastating. But this week in Houston, one group provided its unique brand of support: free, hot BBQ meals.

“It’s comfort food,” said Stan Hays, co-founder of Operation BBQ Relief, a disaster response nonprofit. “It’s a hot meal that makes you feel good…I just think BBQ is built for that.”

Hays, a 2017 CNN Hero and competitive BBQ pitmaster, helped start the group to … Read More

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