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California Gov. Gavin Newsom appeared indoors at a restaurant in a county where indoor dining is not allowed, but the governor’s office has said he did not dine at the restaurant. 

He was there to meet with the restaurant’s owners, who received a relief grant, Newsom spokesperson Daniel Lopez told Fox News. 

 Newsom posted a video to his TikTok account with celebrity George Lopez talking about where to look for coronavirus vaccine eligibility. Newsom and Lopez were in Fresno, Calif., and are inside Los Amigos restaurant.

A separate video of Lopez was posted to the Los Amigos restaurant’s Facebook page.

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Theory Wellness, Berkshire County’s first recreational marijuana shop, is entering the rapidly growing infused beverage category with their new project: Hi5.

The emergence of cannabis beverages on the East Coast is an extension of the booming THC-infused beverage trend at which Theory Wellness, headquartered in Stoneham, is at the forefront.

Hi5, is cannabis-infused seltzer, containing zero-calories, all-natural flavors, and rapid on-set effects, provides consumers with a new way to enjoy cannabis. Unlike other forms of cannabis, the social aspect of an infused beverage offers a direct, healthier alternative to alcohol.

Hi5, aptly named for helping you feel good in five

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Neon Zebra cocktail mixers


PepsiCo will launch a line of cocktail mixers under a new brand, Neon Zebra, next month.

The food and beverage giant started working on the products two years ago, before the coronavirus pandemic shuttered bars. Pepsi had already been tracking the at-home drinking trend, particularly by consumers between the ages of 21 and 34 years old.

“They’re really looking for convenience and high-quality ingredients in their at-home experience,” said Emily Silver, vice president of innovation and capabilities for PepsiCo’s North American beverage business. “The traditional category norm is those big jugs, like those margarita mixers

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Bacteria, including some bacteria in a person’s gut, make lactic acid during fermentation. Manufacturers add lactic acid to food to extend its shelf life, although in some foods, it occurs naturally. It is most often vegan.

Moreover, food manufacturers add lactic acid to food to enhance flavor. It also acts as a gelling agent. Gelling agents thicken and stabilize foods such as jellies and other desserts.

The article will discuss what lactic acid is and why manufacturers add it to food.

Lactic acid is a natural preservative found in several foods, including pickled vegetables, yogurt, and baked goods. It is

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Make soft idli without stand.


  • Want to make idli but don’t have idli maker?
  • With this recipe, you can make idli easily without special stand.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

South Indian idli makes for an excellent snack or small meal. Making idli is quite easy but sambhar may take time. So if you want to make a quick idli meal, try this idli and peanut chutney combo. This recipe will teach you how to make soft and spongy idli without needing idli maker or special idli stand, and a tasty chutney made with peanuts

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Though many restaurants remain closed during the pandemic, for those that remain open, dining and dashing remains a problem — and even forced one Los Angeles restaurant owner to close up shop, CBS Los Angeles reports

According to the Los Angeles Times, a growing number of the city’s restaurants have struggled as scammers take advantage of internet ordering to use fraudulent credit cards or request refunds, claiming they never received part or all of an order.  

The Korean Fusion Cafe “Spoon by H” had the ingredients to become an L.A. success story but is the epitome of a

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