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Day: June 7, 2021

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To refresh ourselves while out in the California sun today at Avengers Campus, we stopped by Pym Tasting Lab to try out a few new drinks.

Pym Tasting Lab is strung up with supersized Christmas lights.

A bartender prepares drinks at the new Pym Tasting Lab in Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure
Pym Tasting Lab at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure featuring two drinks.

The Regulator – $16

Beer Cocktail with Patrón Silver Tequila and Mango Flavor-filled Boba

the new Regulator drink at Pym Tasting Lab in Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure
the new Regulator drink at Pym Tasting Lab in Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

The Regulator is delicious. It tastes like a beer mimosa with a hint of mango. The serving size is big, with a hard plastic cup you can reuse. You cannot taste the alcohol at all (if that’s good or bad is up to you). If you don’t like boba, you

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An important note for grocery shoppers around the country: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published an investigation notice after 17 individuals in six states have fallen ill, apparently from eating a variety of popular supermarket chicken products. We have the details.

This week, the CDC advised that 17 individuals throughout Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and New York had become sick between February 21 and May 7 of this year. It’s reported that eight of those were hospitalized, while the CDC also states: “Recent illnesses may not yet be reported as it usually takes 2 to 4

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“Hi, this is Kareemi Atallah. I am Lebanese. And my mother used to make the best fattoush.”

So began a message left on my telephone in August, shortly after the Press Herald published a recipe for fattoush – a peppy Middle-Eastern salad made from toasted pita, radishes, tomatoes and sumac. And so began a friendship of sorts.

“I can’t make it like her, but I would love to talk to you because I cooked Mideast food and sold it wholesale here in Portland for 15 years,” the message continued. “Atallah is Arabic, of course, and so is Kareemi, but I’m

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DEAR ABBY: I am wondering how to handle finding a hair in your food or on your plate while eating at home, or even while eating at a friend’s?

Jeanne Phillips 

When I’m cooking, I try to prevent stray hairs by tugging gently at my hair, pulling out the loose ones and brushing off my sleeves and shoulders before I start cooking. However, once or twice a month, my husband finds one and complains about it, sometimes loudly. Of course I don’t do it on purpose! It embarrasses me and makes me feel horrible and defensive.

Should he mention this,

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Alexandra Folino

You’ve probably heard the phrase “when you order from a small business, someone does a happy dance” before. And it’s true! We can all be doing our part to be conscious consumers and to make sure we’re supporting brands that share our values and beliefs, and you can start this Pride month.

Pride month falls during the month of June every year as a tribute to those who were involved in the Stonewall Riots. When a police raid of gay and lesbian bars in the Greenwich Village area of Manhattan started, patrons of the bars fought back.

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Another batch of dog food is being recalled due to the potential for Salmonella contamination.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has shared a notice from Sunshine Mills, Inc., which is recalling four varieties of dog food after the Minnesota Department of Agriculture detected Salmonella in its Sprout Sporting Dog Food during a routine inspection.

The recalled products include:

  • Sportsman’s Pride Professional Formula 30/20 Dog Food in 40-pound bags
  • Sprout Sporting Dog Food in five-pound and 40-pound bags
  • Intimidator Chicken & Rice Formula Dog Food 30/20 in 16-pound and 40-pound bags
  • FRM Gold Select High Performance Dog Food in 50-pound
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