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Day: June 6, 2021

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The pandemic triggered a boom in alcohol consumption and sales. According to medical journal JAMA Network Open, American adults reported drinking 14 percent more often than usual at the beginning of the world health crisis. Brick-and-mortar sales of alcohol were up 21 percent nationwide, according to Nielsen; online alcohol sales jumped up 234 percent.

It may come as a surprise, then, that growth in the non-alcoholic drink world

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Six years ago, brothers Adam, Steve and Jared Terry walked away from “The Great Food Truck Race” feeling somewhat dejected.

The siblings behind the Utah-born food truck Waffle Love had dominated on Food Network’s competition, drumming up sales across the country and never finishing lower than second place during any stage of the race.

But then victory escaped them in the final showdown.

During a dramatic season finale, Waffle Love came up short against Pho Nomenal Dumplings, a North Carolina-based food truck. The Terrys ultimately walked away as the season’s runner-up in 2015.

Second place is nothing to scoff at,

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GULFPORT, Mississippi (WLOX) – Gulfport’s Rob Stinson is heating things up to the next level.

The Salute Italian restaurant owner has been cooking healthy meals on his Fit to Eat show on the Mississippi Public Broadcasting Network for 10 years and will now go national to the Create Network.

Stinson explained that the Create Network specifically focuses on local crafts and cooking.

“To find out that it’s going to air nationally was really exciting,” Stinson said.

Stinson said he focused on cooking local healthy food so that it caters to people in the state.

“The hidden is how much fresh

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a restaurant owner received a birthday gift from barstool sports that helped save his business. Hello, is this Anthony? Oh my God. Oh my God, David, are you telling me what I need to? Yeah, yeah. We want to help you guys out. I’m going to cry right now, Anthony’s Italian kitchen has been hit hard by the pandemic. It’s lost over $300,000 and was months behind on rent. And I think tim solely deserves a big shout out here because he has really kept this place alive and he’s a wonderful landlord. Tony submitted a video to barstool Sports … Read More

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When you think of wine-growing regions, your mind likely wanders to gently rolling hills of elegantly coiffed vines, perhaps the towering slopes of Barolo or verdant mountain vineyards in Alsace. But some of the moment’s most interesting wines don’t hail from these idyllic landscapes. Rather, they come from the turbulent, treacherous soils formed from once (or still) active volcanoes. 

Volcano-bred bottles are “salty, gritty, and powerful,” according to John Szabo, a master sommelier, wine critic and author of Volcanic Wines. “Overwhelmingly more savory than fruity.”

Volcanic regions aren’t just jet-black basalt landscapes; the category is surprisingly vast and diverse.

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Summer Tour

For many, summer truly begins when they can bite into that first tomato sandwich of the season slathered with Duke’s mayo, and Village Garden in Hanover County is definitely on Team ’Mater. Celebrating 10 years of raising heirloom varieties, the farm has teamed up with Barboursville Vineyards to host a series of 10 dinners at restaurants around the region from Midlothian Chef’s Kitchen to Lillie Pearl where tomatoes will be the star. (Richmond magazine)

Funk With Flair

Offering kombucha selections that, owner Jason Smith says jokingly, don’t require yoga pants to enjoy, Richmond-based Bitchin’ Boucha keeps things

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