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It’s no secret that when it comes to drinks, soda is not the healthiest choice. From an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, tooth decay, and obesity, there are plenty of ways soda negatively affects your health. But it can also impact the health of your liver.

To back up, you should first know the function of the liver in your body:

“The liver aids in metabolizing the carbohydrates, protein, and fat we consume, and then stores them as glycogen, vitamins, and minerals for later use,” says Keri Gans, MS, RDN, CDN, registered dietitian nutritionist in New York City. “It

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Some Americans do not have enough food to eat.

They receive free food from aid organizations, or assistance from the government so they can buy food themselves. Many towns and cities have food pantries, centers where people can get free food.

However, hungry Americans who also have food allergies often find themselves with either limited or costly food choices.

Common allergies include foods that contain milk or eggs, some kinds of nuts, and flour made from some grains, such as wheat. People with celiac disease, for example, cannot digest gluten, a protein that comes from some grains. The protein causes

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DEAR MISS MANNERS: This happened in 1974. I was outraged then, and I’m still outraged now when I think about it.

My then-fiance and I had just sat down to eat in a diner when the manager came over, saying that another guest objected to the baseball cap my fiance was wearing. He told him to remove it, which, embarrassed, he immediately did.

I don’t feel it was the manager’s place to say anything. Nothing about our looks or behavior was objectionable. I am not even sure my fiance was the only man wearing a cap.

How should this have

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It was nicknamed the bread basket of the Soviet Union, and now Ukraine might finally be able to start living up to its agricultural potential in an era when the world appears to need it most. 

On July 1, a new law will allow the buying and selling of farmland for the first time in two decades. The government says the advent of a functioning market means one of the most fertile places on the planet is the first step toward bigger, more efficient farming by fostering investment.

It’s a long-awaited reform in a nation perennially dogged by corruption and

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If you whittle down the list of restaurants that shaped modern Los Angeles dining culture — the places where the now-stereotypes of California cooking were once fresh revelations, from which influences continue to ripple even if younger generations have no knowledge of their origins — Campanile would hover in the top five, maybe even the top three.

Mark Peel, who died Sunday, and his then-wife, Nancy Silverton, opened the restaurant in 1989 at 624 S. La Brea Ave., in an arched, ornamental Spanish Colonial Revival set piece of a structure built by Charlie Chaplin in 1929. Until they split in

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Saturday, June 19, 2021


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Salvation Cafe took to Facebook to explain their position. Photo: Salvation FB

One restaurant in Newport said that last weekend, they had 120 no-show reservations. 

Now, they said, they are forced to take credit card info ahead of time — and charge for no-shows.

Salvation Cafe, located on Broadway, posted to social media on Friday what had taken place — and urged people to come to the restaurant without a reservation


One Restaurant’s Tale

The restaurant

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