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Day: April 3, 2021

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Photo: courtesy of Grist House

Grist House’s new canned beers


Farmer X Baker
Aspinwall Riverfront Park, Aspinwall. rootandheartfarm.com
Farmer X Baker is back with their handmade organic grain bagels, with gluten free bagels being supplied by Wild Rise Bakery. Farmer X Baker is opening on April 2 for the season, and it offers plain, everything, herb & salt, and olive & rosemary bagels with sandwiches featuring goods like figgy jam, local pasture raised bacon, and even vegan sausage. Try the Veggie Beast “loaded with fresh & house pickled veggies,

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A new study investigated food preservatives and the immune system. Irina Marwan/Getty Images
  • A recent study has assessed the harmful effects of chemical food additives and food contact substances on the immune system.
  • The study compared laboratory toxicology testing (ToxCast) results with data from previous animal tests and epidemiological studies.
  • The ToxCast results and available animal study data confirmed that a common food preservative called tert-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) might negatively affect immune system functioning.
  • The study affirmed the need for updated research and a thorough Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review of chemical food additives and
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I don’t think I had ever tasted fennel until I worked in a restaurant. Growing up, most of the vegetables we ate came from a can, and when we did have fresh produce, fennel certainly wasn’t on the list. But during my time as a line cook, I was introduced to it and fell in love.

I remember preparing a fennel and black pepper compote — a divine mix of sliced fennel bulb poached in a sugar syrup and black pepper — to go with the restaurant’s cheese board offering. As any line cook worth their salt does, during my

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As Remi McManus and Kris Komori prepared to launch Kin in early 2020, their occupancy permit finally arrived at just the wrong time — the day after dine-in restaurants were shut down because of the unfurling coronavirus pandemic.

“The middle of March was chaos for us,” McManus confessed in an email blast last April. “We watched the restaurant industry that we love crumble around the world.”

A year later, one of Boise’s most-anticipated restaurants finally has risen from the rubble.

Kin (stylized as KIN), 999 W. Main St., opened its bar Thursday, April 1. It’s the first time the general

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The restaurant and retail business continues to evolve across the Charleston region with one venue closing, four others in the works and another relocating.

South of Summerville, the only restaurant in the developing Summers Corner community will soon turn out the lights.

Corner House Café at 1609 Beech Hill Road is slated to close April 3, according to a shop owner Jacki Mariest.

Mariest said she was notified by a lawyer with homebuilder Lennar, which owns and is developing Summers Corner, in early March that the company would not be renewing her lease when it expires

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Most of us probably think of salads as part of a healthy diet, while regarding sugary snacks as something to be enjoyed in moderation because they’re bad for our body. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, take note: A recent study found that there’s one delicious drink that could actually help protect your heart. Read on to find out which drink you should have on-hand for your heart health, and for more on keeping your ticker in top shape, If You Can’t Do This Many Push-Ups, Your Heart Is at Risk, Study Says.

Hot cocoa

Mental stress can eventually lead to

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