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Month: March 2021

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(CNN) — The signs of the Renaissance are everywhere in Italy.

Grand piazzas and palazzos. Metal-spiked doors. Looming archways. And, of course, all that ever-present art in the churches and galleries.

But in one city, you also get a taste of the Renaissance every time you enter a restaurant.

Ferrara, in the northern region of Emilia Romagna, was once home to the Estense court, or House of Este, which ruled the city from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

The court, on the bank of the River Po, was one of the most formidable cultural powers during the Renaissance.

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Try not to get into an argument with Justin Sutherland. You won’t win.

The former high school speech and debate champ knows how to work any angle of a conflict until he’s the one in control. Take, for example, the time his dad wanted the garage painted and offered Sutherland $100 for the job. When his dad came home, he found Justin’s brother, Jared, with the paintbrush. Justin had offered Jared $50 to complete the chore, and kept the other half as commission.

“My dad lost his mind. ‘I hired you to paint the garage!’ ” Justin recalled. “I was

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Though many restaurants remain closed during the pandemic, for those that remain open, dining and dashing remains a problem — and even forced one Los Angeles restaurant owner to close up shop, CBS Los Angeles reports

According to the Los Angeles Times, a growing number of the city’s restaurants have struggled as scammers take advantage of internet ordering to use fraudulent credit cards or request refunds, claiming they never received part or all of an order.  

The Korean Fusion Cafe “Spoon by H” had the ingredients to become an L.A. success story but is the epitome of a

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