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Day: March 17, 2021

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DULUTH – Restaurant and bar owners are calling the $28 billion in grants included in the federal coronavirus stimulus package a lifeline for Duluth’s hard-hit tourism industry.

For Jason Vincent, owner of the Boat Club and Vanilla Bean restaurants in Duluth and Two Harbors, the grants give a needed layer of certainty as vaccines reach more people and business slowly returns to normal.

Vincent’s restaurant group lost nearly $1 million last year, a 25% drop in revenue tied largely to the disappearance of banquet business.

“We have taken out all the loans we can,” he said. “We have mortgaged ourselves

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In a little over a week, people will be able to enjoy a to-go alcoholic beverage while walking around The Banks.The Banks is set to establish what’s known as a “DORA,” or “designated outdoor refreshment area” on March 25, a few days ahead of its original Opening Day plan.Participating restaurants say it’s so they can work out the kinks ahead of Opening Day.Both DORA and the new pedestrian walkway are set to debut March 25.The open container concept will cover about 85 acres in downtown Cincinnati, from Heritage Bank Center to Paul Brown Stadium and from Mehring Way to Second … Read More

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Illustration for article titled What to Drink for St. Patrick's Day

Photo: Claire Lower

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day beverages, you have two main choices: something green or something Irish. Both are good options, and not as limiting as they might initially appear. Guzzling tepid green beer all night is fine if you’re young and able to bounce back from a hangover within 24 hours, but most people over 30 have to be a little choosier with their beverages. And, though it does seem we are approaching the end of this particular health crisis, this is not the night to be drinking inside bars, even if they

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HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — WE Power Food was created after Founder Sue Ellsworth noticed women disappearing from the food industry.


What You Need To Know

  • WE Power Food is based in Hillsborough
  • It produces its members products out of Piedmont Food Processing Center
  • Every month, WE Power Food puts together food boxes featuring hand-selected offerings from its diverse group of female-owned businesses

According to WE Power Food’s website, women entrepreneurs are twice as likely to close their business than male food entrepreneurs.

That is why the collective works to connect entrepreneurs through networking, sharing resources, and collaborating.

“So this is

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It is just one example of paper-bag cookery, as the “The Oxford Companion to Food” calls it: The method of sealing proteins up in paper with a bit of liquid for moist heat and aromatics for flavor has been used by many cultures for centuries for varying types of foods. Fish may be the classic protein, but most lean proteins can be cooked this way.

I’ve tried this with the classic pompano as well as trout, salmon and cod. The only rule of thumb: The fish should be no thicker than about 1 inch.

I like this way of cooking

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A Texas ramen restaurant was covered in racist graffiti after its owner spoke out on CNN against Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) decision to lift coronavirus restrictions in the state.

Mike Nguyen told ABC affiliate KSAT 12 that he found red graffiti Sunday on the windows of his San Antonio restaurant, called Noodle Tree.

Photos of the vandalism show several phrases written on the windows, including “no mask,” “kung flu,” “commie,” “hope u die” and “ramen noodle flu.”

Noodle Tree delayed its regular noon opening by an hour to address “an incident,” according to a Facebook announcement.

The San Antonio

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