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Day: February 22, 2021

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The crowds that normally pack Frankie & Johnny’s Restaurant for po-boys and beer between parades were missing this Carnival season. The winter holidays, usually a busy time for low-key gatherings at this vintage Uptown joint, were subdued too.

But there’s still crawfish season, and that means Frankie & Johnny’s proprietor David McCelvey has hope.

“We can’t do normal business but we can still do this,” McCelvey said from the boil room one cold day last week, with steam gushing through the screened windows. “New Orleans people are going to be getting their crawfish, somehow, some way.”

The start of Lent

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‘Streetcar on Lincoln’ adds to winter dining

The Lowlands Group has added individual dining cars to its outdoor winter dining experiences at Centraal Grand Café & Tappery, 2306 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

Located along the Lincoln Ave. side of the corner café, the “Streetcar on Lincoln” features three individual dining cars available for 90-minute increments. A streetcar rental is $50, with seating in each car limited to six people, and includes a Lowlands Snackuterie Box, with the option to order from a full menu of food and beverages.

Lowlands intends to keep the streetcar dining available as long as the city’s

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Food demand is soaring in Texas amid a deadly winter storm that’s left 500,000 without power, unable to eat what they may have had in the fridge for safety’s sake. In the event of such an emergency, what can you keep and what should you toss? 

Refrigerated and frozen foods may not hold up and have the potential to make consumers sick when the power goes out. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends keeping thermometers in your fridge and freezer to ensure refrigerators are at 40°F or below, and that the freezer remains at 0°F or below. 

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Gina Loera, 61, rode her bike to a store near downtown in San Antonio with her dog, Sandy, riding along in a basket wearing sunglasses. “It’s a Texas institution,” she said.

Her husband, she said, works in an H-E-B warehouse, loading trucks. “They do a lot for people here in Texas,” Ms. Loera said. “They are good to their employees, too — good raises, good health care. They have their own doctors, too. Their own clinics here in town.”

Brock Sol said he was drawn to the store by the prices. “I’m homeless so it’s tough to find things cheap

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Apps like


DASH -7.69%

and Uber Eats have provided restaurants a flood of customers in the pandemic. Now a host of food-ordering tools, along with some restaurants, are finding ways around those apps and the commissions they charge.

A new crop of services is promising online ordering at a lower cost to eateries, by letting the restaurants arrange more deliveries themselves. 

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.,

CMG -2.21%

Shake Shack Inc.

and a growing number of chains have acknowledged the cost of app-based delivery orders, and many say they intend to address it. Local governments from New York to

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How does Boston bartending legend and musician Brother Cleve spend his days during the pandemic? A lot less travel, and a lot more experimentation with drink recipes. “I’m always thinking about drinks, especially while I’ve got records playing,” the current beverage director/head bartender of Paris Seaport Bar and Creperie said.

Brother Cleve got his start in the local bartending scene in 1988 at the George Lewis-owned Hoodoo Barbecue by Fenway Park. He spent the following years bringing back forgotten cocktails, crafting new menus, and launching the first weekly lounge music and cocktail party at Lizard Lounge in Cambridge before

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