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Day: February 21, 2021

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Cranberry jam toaster pastry from Hark! Cafe

Gluten-free baking is one thing. Vegan baking is another. Doing both at the same time? “There are a lot of scientific reasons why it’s hard,” said Lisa Neumann, a baker who co-owns Hark! Cafe with friend and roommate Katherine Pardue. But that hasn’t stopped the pair from meticulous recipe testing, doing repeat trial-and-error experiments until they nail the flavors and textures of traditional baked goods.

While working on her pie crust recipe, Neumann wound up with way too much leftover dough. To use it up, she started making toaster pastries, which she fills

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After a west valley restaurant was robbed and ransacked this week, the owner wants the community’s help finding those responsible. 

“When I came in,” Steven Roy, owner of Steve’s Pig Pikins BBQ said. “My front door was smashed.”

Roy recounted the moment he found his restaurant torn to pieces, sharing the story with 8 News Now Thursday. 

“It’s definitely a gut-wrenching feeling.” Roy explained. “You just feel violated, you know?”

The location’s front door was shattered, and the back office was ripped to shreds, with Roy’s desk and safe smashed with a sledgehammer. 

“Even though they

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CHICAGO — Someone is throwing away many boxes of food intended for Chicago Public Schools students on the side of an Englewood road.

Near the corner of 61st Street and Wentworth, there are dozens of boxes in the snow. Inside the boxes include hamburgers, mac ‘n cheese, muffins, milk and vegetables.

WGN News was made aware of the situation from the following Facebook video, which contains some explicit language.

A paper was located inside a box that described the food as a three-day meal kid with the logos of Chicago Public Schools and Aramark on them.

“It’s very heartbreaking,” said

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  • The healthiest cooking oils are higher in unsaturated fat and lower in saturated fat. 
  • It’s important to use oils for cooking below their smoke points or they can lose nutritional value.  
  • You should also measure your cooking oil portions, as using too much can be unhealthy. 
  • Visit Insider’s Health Reference library for more advice.

Oils are fats in liquid form at room temperature. While they are found in a variety of foods — such as nuts, fish, avocado, and olives — cooking oils are one of the most common forms of oil consumption. And some cooking oils are healthier than

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Energy drinks that contain large amounts of caffeine and other ingredients designed to put some “pep in your step” may also be giving your heart a jolt, too—but not in a good way.

New research set to publish next month in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology found that heart cells exposed to some energy drinks had adverse reactions, including speeding up heart rate and negatively affecting cardiac function. Looking at 17 widely available brands, researchers used samples of the heart cells, called cardiomyocytes, and treated them with each drink to observe differences in how the cells reacted. (Related:

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AUSTIN — The slow-moving winter disaster pummeling Texas that began with snow, ice and widespread blackouts is now moving into a new phase: A dire lack of food and fresh water.

Supermarket chains that remained open in past disasters have shuttered in the face of power outages and impassable roads. Cities like Houston and Austin are on citywide water boil orders, even though many homes don’t have power. And stores that are open are often lined with empty shelves, as delivery trucks struggle to reach them over still-icy roads.  

Joe Giovannoli, 29, arrived at a Central Market supermarket in

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